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                      Evolutionary Epic: Science's Story and Humanity's Response

Papers from the talks are being published as an affordable book to capture the scope of interdisciplinary scholarship, the spirit of the conference, and for the benefit of those unable to attend. A copy of the book will be made available to all conferees at a discount (around $15). It will be available to all through the Collins Foundation Press before the end of 2008.

Guidelines for the papers are given below and are closely followed.

                    Author Guidelines – Evolutionary Epic Conference Proceedings
(Click here for Complete Publications Instructions for Authors)

The deadline for submitting papers has been extended to January 31, 2008.  This will allow for authors to include information or insights gained at the conference and the preparation of special focus reports.

Contributor Information:

Please list your name under your paper title as you wish it to appear in the published volume. Please do not include your affiliation on your paper. See below for information on affiliations.

Short Bios:

We would like for each author to contribute a short bio (~200 words). Please include your affiliation, current research/research interests, books/articles authored or co-authored, any awards or honors received, etc…

Papers for Proceedings:

1. Readership: The primary audience we intend to target will be intelligent laypersons who want an overall grasp of the evolutionary epic from the many different perspectives which this edited volume will incorporate. Your paper will be a summary of the talk you present at the conference.

2. Organization: Please include appropriate headers and subheaders when necessary to help outline your paper to the reader. Please avoid using only one heading and subheading within a section.

3. Word count: Approximately 2,000 words, (3-4,000 words for evening speakers) including references; again, please try to write as concisely and clearly as possible to be within the word count. (Please note that each chapter will have its own references rather than having an overall reference list at the end of the volume so please only use references when necessary).

4. Format and Style: Submission will require an Microsoft Word Document. Click here for Instructions to Authors

5.  Please submit your paper electronically to EvolutionaryEpic@msn.com.  Put "Evolutionary Epic Paper in the subject line.

6. Deadline (Thursday, 31 January 2008):  Receipt of late papers can contribute to a delay in publication of the volume.

7. Permissions: If you cite lengthy quotations or a large amount of material from another source, please make sure you do not have to obtain reprint permissions from the copyright holder. Because your papers are a summary, we encourage you not to use lengthy quotations or lots of material from other sources.

8. Courtesy Permissions: If you want to use your previously published work for more than what is fair, be sure to obtain permission from the original publisher.

9. Attribution: Make sure to give credit to those for whose material you may borrow.

10. Graphics (tables, pictures, photographs): Because we are making our proceedings book very affordable, and because there is limited space for each author's paper, we encourage you to only include necessary graphics.

**As a reminder, please keep an electronic and hard-copy of your paper in case questions arise during the editing process.**